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Are you thinking of erecting a flat roof for your commercial, as well as your residential building? Or are you having a problem with your flat roofs? I believe you are looking for reliable and qualified flat roofers in Middletown who can sort out your roofing issues. Well, worry no more as Middletown Flat Roofing experts can get it done the way you want it.

In recent times, flat roofs have become the most popular roofing option for many residential homes as well as commercial buildings. Its rising popularity can be associated with its increased durability, easy accessibility, and the cost-efficacy that comes with it. The main purpose of any roof is to direct water away from the interior of your building structure. The flat roofs may not be the same as the complex roofing system, but they also achieve their purpose remarkably well. The installation of flat roofs requires specialized training, knowledge, and extensive experience. Therefore, a roofing company that specializes in the installation of pitched or sloped roofs may not be the most viable option for your flat roofing needs. You need a flat roofer who will not only get it done but also get it done right. That’s why you are looking for a Middletown Flat roofing firm that sorts out all your roofing problems. We are that flat roofing specialist that you have been looking for

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Why you should trust us with all your flat roofing needs in Middletown, New Jersey

For several years, we have been providing exceptional and excellent flat roofing services, which has made us earn the trust and respect of both business owners and homeowners in Middletown, New Jersey. Our main goal is to maintain excellent customer relationships and the best reputation in Middletown, NJ, and its environs. If you are searching for flat roofing services in Middletown, NJ, or any other form of roofing services for your home as well as your business, then don’t even hesitate to call us. Our main goal is to offer you with top-notch materials and services in the roofing industry, as well as unsurpassed craftsmanship and honesty. Heritage Builders in Middletown, New Jersey, offer other services such as

  • Flat roof installation in Middletown, NJ
  • Flat roof maintenance plans and programs in Middletown, NJ
  • Flat roof restoration in Middletown, NJ
  • Flat roof repairs in Middletown, NJ
  • Flat roof leak inspection and detection in Middletown, NJ

Flat Roof or Pitched Roof in Middletown, New Jersey?

There are so many reasons why flat roofs form an excellent option for many business owners and homeowners in Middletown. Let’s look at some of these reasons.

Flat roofs come with a lot of space in Middletown, New Jersey

Flat roofs create square space for accommodating home in Middletown equipment such as air conditioning vents and exhausts to mention but just a few. Also, the fact that the roof surface is flat provides firmness for heavy items even when they are operational.

Easy access to your rooftop in Middletown, New Jersey

Easy accessibility to your rooftop makes it easy for any homeowner in Middletown to make regular roof inspections to detect whether there is an issue that needs to be addressed by roofers. Flat roofs in Middletown also make it very easy to clean rain gutters if they are clogged with leaves or any other foreign materials.

Most Economically viable roofing option in Middletown, New Jersey

Flat roofs are the most efficient roofing option for the majority of the homeowners in Middletown as they don’t need decorative materials or shingles to be installed in the roofing structure. This roofing option comes with a simplicity that you can’t resist for your home in Middletown. The cost of repairs is minimal compared to other roofing options in Middletown. The cost of repairing a flat roof is just a small fraction of what it takes to repair shingles or any pitched roof.

Flat roofs are Enduring and Durable in Middletown, New Jersey

Flat roofs in Middletown usually have a lifespan of about 30 years and are fabricated with gravel and tar, which go a long way in extending the shelf life of a flat roof. It can also endure the wrath of nature more effectively compared to the pitched roof in Middletown.

It’s more wind resistant in Middletown, New Jersey

Flat roofs are robust and can withstand strong winds compared to a pitched roof in Middletown. It’s very easy for shingles to be lifted by strong winds and bring about maintenance issues.

Flat roofs can be modified into roof decks in Middletown, New Jersey

Apart from providing vast space for entertaining and resting, a roof deck goes a long way in shielding the roof from damages. The flat roofs also have a few downsides. These are,

  • They take more time to install compared to the sloped roof.
  • It’s also challenging to identify a leak in a flat roof in Middletown compared to shingle roofs.
  • Stagnating water may significantly compromise the structural integrity of flat roofs in Middletown.
  • Exposure to weather extremes such as scorching sun may make them crack.

What to look for in a Flat Roofing Company in Middletown, New Jersey

When looking for a flat roofing specialist in Middletown, NJ, you may want to work with a company that will always be there for you anytime you need them. You want roofing gurus who are not only good in flat roofs but also metal roofs and shingles. Here are some of the things that define a good flat roofing specialist in Middletown that you are looking for.

They should offer free roof inspection in Middletown, New Jersey

An excellent flat roofing company in Middletown should provide free roof inspection and assessment to your roof from time to time. In that inspection and consultation, roofers in Middletown should discuss with you everything about any potential roof leak, the budgetary requirements, and also listen to all your concerns.

Leak Diagnosis in Middletown, New Jersey

The main problem with flat roofs in Middletown is their likelihood of developing leaks or the inability to drain water properly. The roofing company that does the roof inspection in Middletown has the relevant skills to identify these leaks and have them repaired on time. They should also be able to tell whether those leaks are there because the roof was not installed correctly to your home in Middletown.

Installation Experts in Middletown, New Jersey

If you are about to have your flat roof installed, I am double sure you would want it to not only get it done but also get done right. That’s why you should engage Middletown Flat Roofs specialists to do the job for you. Heritage Builders in Middletown, NJ, pride ourselves in several years of experience in flat roof installation using EPDM, rubber, TPO, metal as well as rubber.

Heritage Builders in Middletown, NJ, offer free quotes to our esteemed clients, which provide them with the necessary information about the budgetary requirement for their roofing project, flat roofing requirements, and maintenance needs. Contact us today.

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Our customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Read our endless 5-star reviews!


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  • Amazing floors! Their work is truly the best. We will never use another flooring contractor!

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    Cruz Angela
  • These roofers rock! Integrity and loyalty is the best way to describe them. Not only do they do amazing work, they do it with honesty and fair prices!

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    Lily Lyons
  • We just used them to put a new roof on our house, and couldn’t be happier!

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    Cormier Joshua
  • Heritage Builders came out to my rental house I have in Middletown and repaired a leak that other roofing companies said couldn’t be fixed. They were able to save me thousands and I have saved their number in my phone.

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    Gatti Manuel
  • Shawn has been 5 stars since the moment I called him to come look at our roof. He has helped us so much and gone out of his way to get the job done. I will highly recommend him to anyone looking for work done on the roof and home. Reliable, professional, friendly, honest and does a great quality job. You can tell he cares about doing his job well and making his customers happy. He is also really good at explaining what and why. Well done!!! Great company. Thank You.

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We offer many types of roofs that have life cycles anywhere from 10 to 50 years; depending on the roof selected. Every technology has a good, better and best option with varying degrees of longevity. Your roof will definitely last longer with proper maintenance. Routine maintenance, along with a well designed and properly installed system can as much as double a roof’s life.

Material lifespan:

Modified Bitumen12-25 years
White Cool Roof Systems12-30 years
Metal25-50 years
Shingle25-50 years
Tile20-50 years
Built-Up10-25 years

Roof repair can often be completed within a few hours, depending upon the scope of the project. Replacing asphalt roofing is a much larger job and may require a few days. The timeline for both roof repair and replacement can be affected by the weather — rain, snow or excessive wind can cause installation delays.

Asphalt shingles are the leading choice for residential roofing in the United States. Asphalt shingles provide quality, durability and versatility and offer consumers the broadest array of colors shapes and textures. With an enormous range of styles, asphalt shingles can match almost every type of architectural design.

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