2019 Flooring Trends

Are you considering replacing or installing new floors in the new year? While some flooring options, like hardwood, will never go out of style, there are new innovations that make getting the floors you want even easier.

Some of the 2019 trends you might find familiar, others you might be surprised by. See our list of popular flooring trends for the new year and consider how you may be able to utilize them in your home.

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Flooring Trends

If you’re remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, you’re likely considering a change of flooring. It’s important to consider options that will not only look great but can utilize current trends. Here’s what flooring trends you can expect to see in 2019.

  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Rapid Lock Vinyl
  • Hexagon Ceramic Tile
  • Distressed Hardwood
  • Polished Concrete Floors


Reclaimed Wood

As an environmentally friendly option, reclaimed wood is a top flooring trend in 2019 and likely many years to come. Not only is it beautiful and unique, but homeowners have the peace of mind knowing they’ve done their part to recycle what otherwise might have ended up as waste. The average cost of reclaimed wood flooring is between $8.18 and $10.43/sf.


Veneer packs contain samples of blackwood on desk

Rapid-Lock Vinyl

Between its water and stain-proof benefits and easy installation, many homeowners are turning to rapid lock vinyl flooring during a remodel. This style mimics popular hardwood floor planks without the price tag or maintenance. Rapid-lock vinyl is great for bathrooms and kitchens, where you otherwise might not be able to use wood. The average cost of vinyl flooring is $1,592.


green color tone Hexagonal tiles.

Hexagon Ceramic Tile

Geometric shapes are in for 2019. From throw pillows to wall décor, hexagon shapes are taking center stage this year. This also includes floor tiles. Hexagon ceramic tile, specifically in black and white, you’ll likely be able to spot in many bathrooms as it can be the perfect detail for a statement. The good news for homeowners is that ceramic tile flooring can be an affordable option as well, with the average cost between $0.85 and $2.40/sf.


3D rendering of living room, kitchen and dining room and stair are combined in one area of chalet. The interior is decorated with wood and natural materials.

Distressed Hardwood

Hardwood floors are timeless, however, the different styles can go in and out of popularity. Currently, distressed hardwood is the hot buy for homeowners. These hardwood floors show off the natural grain and can often be textured from the distressing process. Ash has become a popular choice for distressed hardwood for its gray hue. The average cost of an ash hardwood floor is between $7 and $18/sf.


Modern, white kitchen with wooden worktop and transparent chair

Polished Concrete Floors

Industrial style and decor are popular right now. To compliment that, polished concrete floors have become trendy. Once a style reserved for garages, polished concrete is now making a comeback in kitchens, basements, and even some bedrooms because of its low-maintenance and industrial look.

If you already have concrete in place, it will cost between $2 and $6 to polish. However, if you need to install a concrete floor, contact a pro who can help.

What’s Out In 2019

While flooring trends don’t change quite as fast, there are still some trends that are on their way out.

Carpet, for instance, is being taken out of more and more homes. Although soft, homeowners are looking for low-maintenance and eco-friendly options to make their spaces comfortable.

Unlike other areas of the home, neutral flooring options are taking over where bold rugs may have been. With pops of color becoming more prominent in accent walls and decorative pieces, homeowners are looking for the flexibility to change styles without replacing their flooring.

Flooring Installation Costs

Typically, installing floors is not a DIY project many homeowners want to take on. Not only is proper education necessary, but access to the right tools as well. A flooring pro can be very helpful when it comes to your installation. The average cost to install floors is $2,299, with most homeowners spending between $1,424 and $2,464.


A flooring installation can make a huge difference, whether you’re remodeling or not. If you’re planning for flooring project in the new year, use these popular trends to help you decide what could be best for your home.

Source: Improvenet

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